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          2. bbin宝盈唯一官方网购平台
            销售热线:400 9901 681






                The SMCTW Company was founded 1959 in Shanghai SongJiang high-tech scetor and served to be an officially specified enterprise for precision measuring tools production by National Ministry of Machine Building and Electronics lndustry(MMBEI).in 2011 it was entitled as SMCTW limited company after the original name of SMCTW.

                As a key company prorducing measuring tools in China,its productscover as many as 200 kinds.It is the first in China to experiment mounting the measuring face of micrometer with carbide and also first realizing chrome -plating of venire caliper.Besides this,it also pioneered making digital measuring gauges available in domestic market.Metal slitting saw(63-200mm),OD micrometer(0-25mm)and digital caliper(0-150mm)won Chinese Silver Medal;Venire caliper(0-125mm;0-150mm)was granted a price by MMBEI.

                Nrecent years,company is working on Measuring instru mentsfeaturing in Mechatronice,and pride to announce the following products have success fully proved their presence:roundness measurement instrument; surface roughness tester;2 dimensions Romidot Vision measuring instrument;coordinate measuring machine;Electronic Digital Height Measutring lnstrument.

                SMTW tools are essential for the many products that are measured,cut,formed or assembled.They are used in a broad range of manufacturing facilities as an essential part of metalworking and the manufacturing of durable goods.With flexible and reliable management,SMCTW produces either standard gauges or nonstandad instruments,and it will sure attach absolute importance to every one of them.

                As a company enjoying good reputation wherever it reaches ,SMCTW products are sold throughout China and worldwide We hpoe solid friendsship could be cchiveved by your pleasant experience of our products.

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